Larry Merchant: UFC made street fighting a ‘so-called’ sport

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Boxing commentator Larry Merchant is a long-time foe of Mixed Martial Arts, in the manner of a toothless cro magnon telling a Geico commercial looking youngster that he wouldn’t use that crazy fire stuff if you paid him all the delicious termites on the savanna.

On September 17th, Merchant got into a verbal spat with Roger Mayweather, and snarled what is perhaps the single most dubious sentence ever uttered in a boxing ring “I wish I was 50 years younger and I would kick your ass.” Lifelong boxing fan Dana White finally stopped forever holding his feelings back, and spoke his mind.

“The guy is senile, he’s out of his mind. He’s up there berating Floyd, but Floyd can’t say anything back to you? You’ve been disrespecting guys your whole career, and guess what, you can go back 60 years, you’re not kicking Floyd’s ass, okay? Give me a break. And what’s Floyd going to do? A 102-year-old guy just said that to him.”

Now Merchant responds.

“Let’s see, anyone who can make a multi-million dollar business out of street fighting has to be respected,” Merchant said “My opinion is that anyone is allowed to put up a tent, put on a show, and invite people to come. And obviously he’s had a lot of success. Good for him.”

“I don’t watch (Mixed Martial Arts). I don’t get a so-called sport in which you can have a 6-2 record and be called a world champion. I just don’t appreciate the finer points of MMA.”

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