Lauzon: Limbs are calling my name, begging me to rip them off

Friday, January 25, 2013

A UGer recently asked if Joe Lauzon could play the point game if he really wanted to.

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ALL of his UFC wins has come via submission or KO/TKO.

I don’t think he wants to and lot of people, including myself, don’t want Joe to play point game in the fight. When I say point game, I mean both on stand up (hit and run style fight) and on ground (dominating top control, going for take down for points). I think his style right now fits perfectly well for him not just for exciting fights but to actually win fights.

My question is this-is playing so-called “point game” a specific skill in the MMA? I think it obviously is. And if so, does J-Lau possess that skill? Not that he wants to. But if the decision is made by his coaches to play point game, can J-Lau execute it?

Lauzon replied definitively.

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Could I physically edge people out? Absolutely. But I would never do that when limbs are calling my name and begging me to rip them off.

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