Lauzon all time Submission of the Night winner for all time

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The UFC has decided replace the “Knockout of the Night” and “Submission of the Night” performance bonuses, in favor “Performance of the Night” bonuses that give the promotion more latitude in awarding them. Many cards had only a single KO or submission, limiting the choice to one. And some cards had none.

With the new award structure, there will be no more Submission of the Night awards, so the current leader is the leader for all time.

MMAMania compiled a list of the top five:
3. Terry Etim, Demain Maia, Cole Miller (Tie with four SoTNs)
2. Nate Diaz (five SoTNs)
1. Joe Lauzon (six SoTNs)

J-Lau beat Melvin Guillard via RNC, Jeremy Stephens and Gabe Ruediger via armbar, Brandon Melendez and Jamie Varner via triangle, and Curt Warburton via kimura.

Lauzon is also tied with Anderson Silva for 'OTN' performance bonuses, with 12.