Lauzon on the best BJJ in MMA

Friday, May 09, 2014

16-time UFC vet and best all-time performance bonus award winner Joe Lauzon recently sat down, or more accurately lay down with the good people at Just The Gi Top. He was asked who he thought has the best BJJ in MMA.

“I love watch Demian Maia,” said Lauzon. “If you saw him warming up in the back room – I love him I don't want to talk s— – but he has the most atrocious hitting mitts and things like that. But he wins because his jiu-jitsu is so good. And that's so much more impressive to me.

“If you've got a guy who's got good wrestling, or good stand up, I'm less impressed. I'm going to make a lot of haters right now – I'm less impressed by a guy like Jake Shields or someone like that, because they have such great takedowns… I'm definitely a Jake Shields fan, but I'm more impressed by a guy like Demian Maia who has no takedowns really, has no stand up, he just goes out there and he fights and he wins.

“Demain Maia is awesome. Jim Miller is one of the best. I love watching Cole Miller. Cole Miller is the perfect example of someone who is super confident in jiu-jitsu. Cole Miller is confident he will beat anyone with jiu-jitsu. It doesn't matter who it is, he's just 'you know what, my jiu-jitsu's going to be better.' He's just the epitomy of someone who is confident in what they do.”

“So those are the guys who I like to watch.”

“When a lot of people think of jiu-jitsu, they're thinking of guard, closed guard, spider guard, butterfly guard, all that kind of stuff. I like seeing guys get on top.”

“George St-Pierre has got great jiu-jitsu. He has great jiu-jitsu. And that's the kinda stuff I like to get better at – control someone, beat the crap out of them, pass their guard, really wear them down.

“In grappling, when you can't punch someone, you have to wear them down with head control, shoulder pressure, all this other stuff. In MMA we wear people down with punches, so it's a little bit different set up, but it's the same concept.

“You win by making people uncomfortable, you win by making people tired, you win by taking their heart, you win by making them mentally break, and give up.

“At the point the submission is just a technicality.”