Lauzon won’t sleep on Johnson

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fighters face an impossible choice. Fight safe, and no one wants to see you fight. Throw down and trade with abandon, and  everyone want to see you fight, but you can get knocked out.

Joe Lauzon fights on a razor’s edge, getting as close as humanly possible to trading wildly, while keeping focused on the larger fight. He has received 12 ‘of the Night’ performance bonuses for it. However, Lauzon is 2-2 his last four fights, and is coming off a loss against Jim Miller, at UFC 155,.

“People always tell me how exciting my last fight was, but even thought I had a good fight with Miller, but I’m still coming off of a loss,” said Lauzon. “Having an exciting fight is great, but it was still a loss.”

On Aug. 17, ‘JLau’ will fight TUF 12 vet Michael Johnson. Although known for his wrestling skills, last year Johnson earned a brutal second-round knockout of the durable Danny Castillo, who had been knocked out only once in his career, by Anthony Pettis.

So while Lauzon has the opportunity to shine white hot as he did vs. Gabe Ruediger at UFC 118 in his first UFC fight in Boston, he is mindful that he cannot forget what his opponent can do.

“The Castillo fight sticks out the most in my mind,” said Lauzon. “Castillo rocked him and beat him up, but he slept on Johnson for a second and was hit with a big right hook that knocked him out. I don’t want that to be me.”

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