Lawal: Staph infection ‘almost killed me’

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Following ACL surgery, Muhammed Lawal, also known as King Mo, suffered a severe staph infection, which according to the Bellator fighter, almost cost him his life:

“It almost killed me,” Lawal recalls. “I don't explain it to people. I downplayed the whole thing. They didn't know how bad it was. People would text me, and I was in the hospital texting them back like nothing happened. I battled back from it. It messed my body up. My body is still getting healthy from that.”

Nearly two years later, the man they call “King Mo” has reacquainted himself with the spotlight as one of leading names the under the Bellator umbrella. Still, that kind of physical trauma, the kind that sapped his weight, laid waste to his natural gifts and held him on the shelf for nearly a year, isn't something so easily forgotten.

Even after five post-surgery fights, Lawal admits, his body isn't yet back to full strength. But, “I'm almost there,” he says. “I feel it now when I'm training with American Top Team doing strength training. I feel it, I feel my body coming back. It's a good feeling.

“I think it's a matter of time, because I've still got a few things screwed up with my blood and my red blood count was pretty bad, so now they're filling me back up. I've got to take vitamin C, iron. I'm almost there, man. I'm almost back to where I need to be.”

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