Lawal: UFC groupie-ness is a joke

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Lawal, who was shelved for nine months this past December when he was suspended for failing a post-fight drug test in Strikeforce, said today that most major organizations have matching clauses. And in the case of his terminated Strikeforce contract, he figured it was better safe than sorry

“I just chose to follow through with it because you never know what’s going to happen,” Lawal said. “Say I were to sign, and the UFC got mad – they could sue me or something. I played the safe route. If they weren’t going to enforce it, why would they put it in their contract?

“Some people have to open their eyes up and pay attention. A lot of this UFC groupie-ness is a joke. If the UFC does it, turn your head. But if Bellator or somebody else does it, all eyes are focused on them, (and) it’s negative. How can anybody say it’s bad for Bellator to do it and not bad for the UFC to do it when they all do it? It is what it is. It’s in the contracts. Let it go.”

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