Lawler: I come to fight. I come to beat people up

Monday, November 11, 2013

Robbie Lawler is an almost three to one under dog coming into his bout at UFC 167, despite being impressive in his return to the UFC at welterweight. But according to Lawler, he doesn’t care about rank or who he fights, he just wants to beat people up:

“I come to fight. I come to beat people up and have a good time out there and compete,” he said. “I don’t really like to talk too much about anything, and I don’t really like to talk trash about my opponents because they’re all really tough guys. They train hard, and they’re top-level guys. I respect them all.”

And because of that, he’s not really thinking much about whether a win would get him smack-dab into the title picture or not. It’s just not his style, instead preferring to get in and get out – much like his 18 knockout wins in 21 fights would indicate.

“I was just excited to be back fighting and whoever they put in front of me, I’m going to be ready,” Lawler said. “I don’t worry about who I’m fighting and what they’re ranked – I know everyone in the UFC is really tough, so I just have to be ready.”

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