Lawlor dropping gems on a wide range of subjects

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Speaking of having fun, Lawlor is just getting warmed up. In the course of a staccato phone interview, Lawlor dropped gems on a wide range of subjects:

• On fighting a resident of Canada (Carmont, from France, now lives in Montreal) for the fourth time in his past five fights: “It’s pretty weird. For awhile there they only had me fighting people from Arizona. I fought Ryan Bader and then Kyle Kingsbury, C.B. Dolloway, and Aaron Simpson, back to back to back. Pretty much anyone who ever trained in Arizona got a fight with Tom Lawlor. Once I got done with Arizona it was all about Canadians. I actually requested the theme from Team America: World Police as my walkout music for this fight, but they wouldn’t let me do it.”

• After being told the reason he gave for his recent move from Florida to Providence (Lawlor got a deal on a foreclosed downtown condo) was boring: “Okay, you want me to make up something interesting? Here goes. I was visiting Providence and someone hit me in the head with a donut and knocked me out. I woke up and all of a sudden felt the urge to live in the place with the most per capita Dunkin Donuts in the world. There’s literally six of them within about two blocks, including one in my building. It’s all about the donuts.”

• On costume ideas which were left on the cutting-room floor: “After Michael Jackson died, I thought about coming out to the weigh-ins dressed up as him and carrying a big bottle of pills. But we decided that one would be over the line.”

• On the UFC’s choice of on-hold entertainment: “I’m kind of pissed off right now. I was on hold waiting for your call, and instead of some nice Muzak, they’re playing UFC Primetime [a promotion vehicle pushing UFC 154]. I’m hearing all about Georges St-Pierre and Carlos Condit, and Martin Kampmann and Johny Hendricks, but nothing about Tom Lawlor and Francis Carmont.”

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