Lawrence KO’s Marcello; TUF Live, Ep. 3 recap

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Round 1 – Referee Steve Mazagatti in charge. Lawrence circles right on the outside to open as Marcello takes the center. Lawrence looks comfortable as he sets range. Marcello not quite as aggressive as his coaches were hoping. Lawrence mixing in a few kicks, as well. Nothing of real consequence yet, but he’s the aggressor to start. Lawrence adding combinations, and he lands a nice kick to the body. Marcello punches to answer, but Lawrence backs away with little issue. Marcello resets in the center, but he lets Lawrence start each exchange. Marcello slips but scrambles up. Lawrence tries to capitalize with punches before pulling away and avoiding a clinch. Lawrence wings a few overhand shots. Marcello throws a nice knee inside, but Lawrence counters over the top. Marcello lands a front kick to the body. Marcello continues to hold the center, but it’s Lawrence doing the most damage. Round ends, and it looks like it should be Lawrence’s, 10-9.

Round 2 – Marcello busier to start. He’s still looking to strike. He briefly gets a clinch, but Lawrence pulls free. Big overhand right from Lawrence. Marcello recovers well. Lawrence now on the attack. He ducks for a takedown and Marcello willingly goes to the floor. Lawrence backs away and declines the invitation. Lawrence misses a spinning backfist but lands a crisp jab. Volume picking up in the gym as they trade shots. Marcello falls back from a left hand. He gets up but gets caught again. Marcello is in trouble, and Lawrence is swarming. Marcello moves forward, but he looks very tired. Lawrence is in complete control. Marcello is wilting, and in comes a massive shot, and it was the hook Faber warned of. Marcello is down, and that’s the fight. Another highlight-reel finish for “The Ultimate Fighter: Live.”

Justin Lawrence def. Cristiano Marcello via knockout (punches) – Round 2, 3:16.

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