Le taking matters one step at a time

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

While acting remains on his resume, Le has put that part of his life on hold for nearly a year. These days, it’s all about mixed martial arts.

“Every time I fight, I fight to win and this win will mean a lot,” Le told ESPN.com. “My last victory when I beat Patrick Cote — my win in UFC 148 — was very emotional. I get very emotional after every fight, especially after a big loss to Wanderlei [Silva].

“After this one, I expect I will get even more emotional.”

“People don’t understand the therapy, the treatments I had to go through [after the Cote fight] to get back,” Le told ESPN.com. “I thought I had a broken foot, but I had a deep bone bruise in my [right] foot.

“The doctor gave me 6-8 weeks to get cleared to start training. I went through a lot of pain. It’s been rough. I couldn’t train like I usually do, but I continued to push hard. And I’m going to do my best to make it pay off [Saturday night].”

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