Leben apologizes for social network outbust

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Chris Leben recently retired from MMA and apparently now is broke, has never paid taxes, and wish he'd just been a truck driver for the last ten years:

Leben took to Twitter on Sunday to voice his desire that he had chosen a different career path than that of UFC fighter:

I wish I would've drove truck last 10yrs, then at least is have insurance to see a counselor. Ufc left me broken with nithing

That's a hell of a regret after nearly a decade of work under the same organization. And while he has no one but himself to blame for his current financial situation, his complaints about a lack of post-career health care coverage should not fall on deaf ears. 

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Following this news yesterday, Leben took to Twitter to explain himself and apologize for the tweet:

I lost my dog and fucking lost it! Sorry please disregard my prev tweet! He was a family member:(

Means a lot that Dana and the UFC care and have reached out

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