Lew Polley on being fired from TUF: I think it was pre-determined I would exit

Thursday, May 05, 2011

So, here we are the moment many of you Junkies have been waiting for: I got fired!

I am pretty sure before I even arrived it was determined that I was going home early. As anyone who watched the first of this season saw, head coach Junior Dos Santos said I was here to help run the practices and be his eyes and ears. None of the coaches spoke comfortably in English, and they relied upon me to be the communicator.

I knew it was Team JDS, but they forgot the team’s wrestling coach and translator, and I stepped in to help. As soon as Junior’s “real” coaches arrived, my days were numbered. I think Junior was just waiting for the opportunity to let me know.

As this episode opens, it shows me contradicting Junior. But that did not happen the way it was shown. I was merely answering a question that was asked of me from a couple of the guys. I did not just sit there and correct Junior.

Like I said, I think it was predetermined that I would exit when Junior’s boxing coach (“his trusted advisor”) and his strength-and-conditioning coach arrived. They needed a room, and I was the only outsider on his coaching staff.

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