Liddell: Teixeira can beat Jon Jones

Friday, October 12, 2012

And by the end of the night Saturday, after the greatest UFC fighter you’ve never heard of steps into the Octagon against fellow Brazilian Fabio Maldonado at UFC 153 in Rio de Janiero, you’ll probably know the name Glover Teixeira.

It’s true. The 32-year-old Teixeira has only had one UFC fight, at UFC 146 earlier this year where he submitted Kyle Kingsbury within two minutes. This is why it can be a bit befuddling when a fighter with the cachet of Hall of Famer Liddell says this about Teixeira: “Now that he’s finally in the UFC he will make a run at the title very quickly. He can beat anyone in the top 5, including Jon Jones.”

“He’s just the complete package,” Liddell told about Teixeira. “He’s big, he’s dangerous, he’s hard to take down and harder to get back up. On top that, if you’re not careful in transition, he’s going to catch you with something. He hits hard. He can take a punch. He loves fighting, and it’s going to be a fun fight to watch.”

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