Lil Nog wants to KO Gustaffson in Sweden

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You’re fighting in Sweden. You’ve asked for a striker and UFC gave you one.

That’s right. I train harder when I’m fighting a striker, I really like training Muay Thai, Boxing. I guess  I can do a good fight. I’m a good fighter in the end of the fights, I can hold my impulse and do better later, I was born a counter attacker and that’s how I have greater chances to get the knockout. Tito Ortiz came to strike against me, and I got the knockout. Cane tried to sant-up and I got to knock him out. I can do a good fight against striker. It’s not because I don’t know Wrestling. Yes, I’m actually a lot better defending the takedowns, after I left Pride I had to adjust because the rules and the cage are different. I guess I can fight anywhere, but I rather stand-up because fans dig the knockouts and I’m a fighter who likes giving the KO to the fans.

Where do you think a victory against him leaves you at in the division?

Well, it depends a lot of the win. A win via points makes me move one step further, a win via knockout, two, three. It depends a lot on how I win. I really want to get a knockout to be in a good position. I’m a fighter who doesn’t like to get stuck during the fight. It’s hard to see me doing that. If I take someone down, I’ll try to use the ground and pound until the end. If I’m standing up I’ll go for the knockout. It’s something like that: if you knock me out, I’ll knock you out (laughs). I’ll go for the knockout until the end, absolutely. I’m moving forward. I’ll try to do a good fight to be in a good spot on this ranking. I’ll go for the knockout and I’ll stay among the top 3 of the division.

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