Lister check-ins from Croatia, in camp with Cro Cop

Thursday, September 16, 2010

From:  DeanLister
Posted: 2 hours ago
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What up everyone??

training here good and lots in Croatia, just checkin in.

Any of my team from San Diego that check here please email me and stay in touch,, lost my phone and somehow can’t log into FB. So I’m outta touch with everything in USA. Missed the UFC fight night and everything.

lol hopefully this isn’t the “wrong forum” or something

From:  DeanLister
Posted: 31 minutes ago
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Anarkis2, lol no Marquardt was very strong and had a great strategy with a great coach, wouldn’t say he felt “greased” at all.

Voice of Pride Lady….. 16 year old hookers?????? LOL

gokudamus stole my name – yeah Mirko is in shape and looking good.

Danthewolfman _ ja mislim do Hravastska je jako teschko???? haha I’m learning a little but very hard. No too much Diskotechas here. But I have gone to Gallery and Piranha Diskotechas

Frankiscool – food here is good, especially BBQ Lamb.

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