Overeem's continuance, license denied by NSAC; may re-apply in 9 months

by Brian Hemminger
April 24, 2012

12:31 p.m. - Overeem is in the building and will be coming up shortly.

12:38 p.m. - MMA fighter Shawn Fitzsimmons is up first before Overeem. He tested positive for anabolic steroid metabolites and is using the TRT defense.

1:55 p.m. - Keith Kizer: It was a positive test for elevated T/E ratio. I twas reported as over 10 and the specific reading form the lab was 14:1. The lab cut-off is 6:1 and regardless of what your level is, if you're taking any type of prohibited substance, you need to tell us in advance. The UFC informed these fighters just before the press conference that I would be coming to collect samples. As soon as the conference was over, Mr. Overeem speeded out of the building and took off. I told him he would be treated as a positive test unless he came back and he came back.

2:00 p.m. - Reem's council: They had heard reports that someone (the women he had a dispute with) was going to try to make a public spectacle at the press conference that day so he had been directed to go to another lawyer's office. He wasn't trying to avoid the process.

His test was from an anti-inflammatory which was to target an injury. I don't want to go forward with the application process unless we have the scientific explanation on what Alistair received caused the spike. He received an injection in a doctor's office in Dallas and was given a vial which contained two more doses. He took one more dose and we have the vial with us and are prepared to give it to your staff. It says "Anti-inflammatory" on it with no mention of testosterone. It has B-12, tetrometrozone, and testosterone. That explains the spike. Overeem had been training last summer for Werdum and during training, he injured himself on several occasions including a severe injury to his foot. While preparing for this fight, he fractured a rib. He went to specialists in Holland to determine. In December of 2011 before his fight in Las Vegas, he was hit in the ribs on the left side and in the fight with Brock, he aggravated the injury. He had taken nothing that would have violated any rule prior to the fight in December even though the injuries occurred prior. After the fight, he was still in pain from the injury. He went to Dr. Molina and the doctor had a history of treating athletes and boxers in Texas. The doctor concluded he could alleviate the pain Alistair was experiencing. He got the injection and here we are today.

2:22 p.m. - Overeem promises to return if granted a continuance.

Two commissioners say they see no reason to grant a continuance since the doctor is here already. They believe they should proceed today. Everyone else voices their opinion and they are not granting a continuance!

2:40 p.m. - Overeem says doctor never told him there was testosterone in his medication.

Overeem says he didn't know about needing to take the tests until he left the press conference and then was informed he needed to come back immediately or he would be guilty. He says he left because he heard his former team Golden Glory was going to make a scene at the press conference.

Overeem admits he knew he knew had taken shots before the press conference.

Overeem says that Tre Telligman is the one that referred him to the doctor. He says he didn't look into Molina at all before visiting him. He says the doctors back in Holland know not to inject athletes with WADA banned substances. He admits that he doesn't believe Dr. Molina had any evil intent. He injected himself in the shoulder.

Overeem says he injected himself on March 23rd.

Commission makes note of the vial Overeem produced, especially the odd simplistic white label, asking if Overeem put it on there himself.

3:50 PM - Overeem's license has been denied. Now they're just deliberating how long until he can reapply and under what stipulations.

It's official. Overeem can't reapply for his license for nine months.

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