Liz Phillips after loss: ‘I hate the UFC’

Sunday, August 24, 2014

UFC bantamweight Elizabeth Phillips lost her UFC debut by split decision to Valerie Letourneau at UFC 174 on June 14. On Saturday at UFC Fight Night 47 in Macau, she lost her second split decision, to Milana Dudieva, and this time, she lost it.

“I got robbed so f—ing bad,” she wrote on Facebook minutes after the fight. “I hate the UFC. I was on top dominating all three round dominating this Russian piece of crap. And they said I lost split decision. Anybody says I lost is a piece of crap and will get deleted from my friends list cause I whooped her ass the whole fight. I’m done fighting for awhile because this is some corrupt s—.”

According to FightMetric Phillips outstruck Dudieva 49-38, and had 7:04 of control against 2:46. The feeling that Phillips won was not unanimous however, with UFC president Dana White saying at the post fight press conference that he felt the decision was correct. White undoubtedly understands Phillips' frustration, but he reminds fighters on a constant basis to not leave it in the hands of the judges, and this is why.