Loiseau: ‘I want to finish what I started’

Saturday, June 12, 2010

“Time to prepare for me is not really an issue. I live the warrior lifestyle. I’m always training. This is my lifestyle. I’m a professional fighter. This is what I do.”

“He’s a good fighter, but we’re ready. I’m very focused and well prepared,” Loiseau told MMAWeekly.com recently.
Despite Miranda’s strengths as a grappler, Loiseau chooses not to concern himself with his opponent’s skills.
“I don’t really care what he does, what he wants to do. I focus on myself, my techniques, my strengths. This is how I win fights. I focus on myself. I can’t focus on what he wants to do. When I’m focused on my stuff, my things, it’s bad news for my opponents.”
But he’s been there before and come up short. That’s not how he wants his time in the UFC to end.
“(It’s) unfinished business also, I believe I can be better than what I’ve shown,” said Loiseau. “If I become champion somewhere else it won’t be the same satisfaction because I know I had the opportunity to become champion and it didn’t go my way. I didn’t perform the way I could have and should have.
“I just want to finish what I started.”
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