Lombard: Bring on the toughest middleweights

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

‘I just don’t want to fight guys that they say: `oh that was a easy match-up for him.’ I want to fight the hardest match-up.

‘I wish they (the UFC) could go now and make a pool of the toughest guys at 84kg that no one wants to fight and I want to fight that guy.

‘I want to fight who the UFC and the people believe is the toughest guy out there.

‘Not many people want to fight Palhares. Before we had the fight people were saying: `Hector is gone, Phalares is taking Hector’s leg back to Brazil.”’

But with Palhares tick off the list, Lombard looks at the rest of the names.

‘I would like to fight Chris Weidman, he’s a big name,” he said.

‘I’ve been asking for (Yushin) Okami, I’ve been asking for Okami but they (UFC) won’t give him to me because of his chin.

‘Okami has no chin, he can’t cop the punches.

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