Lombard: Most hours of training made Rousey and I so strong

Thursday, October 31, 2013

UFC welterweight Hector Lombard appeared recently on BJ Penn Radio and discussed the drop from middleweight, who he wants next, what he thinks of Judo, and why he and UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey are so strong.

“It was really hard,” said Lombard of the cut to 170. “You know, but every single time I… suffer, when I feel tired, when I feel I couldn’t make it, I would go to the computer, and I would check all the people talking bad about me, and I would get the motivation to fill me up and keep going.  So I’m quite happy that people doubted me, it keeps me motivated and keeps me in the place that I want to be.”

“I think that Carlos Condit is high ranked, right?  OK, I’ll take Carlos Condit,” Lombard had said during the interview about the UFC’s No. 2 ranked contender.  Lombard also said that he would be willing to fight Condit’s most recent opponent, Martin Kampmann, who is currently ranked 7th.”

“My style of fighting has nothing to do with judo.  I love judo, and I’m always going to love judo, and I’m always gonna be calling myself a judo player.  I trained that sport for seven years.  I went everywhere in judo, and I competed at the highest level.  But, I don’t use judo at all.  I knock people out.  I like to be exciting.  That was my goal a long time ago, I want to be exciting, and I want the people to want to watch me fight.  Unfortunately judo is not as exciting as MMA.  So I tried to develop a style where [people] would come see me fight.  So I started training stand-up, and I got myself an instructor.  That’s how I like to fight, I don’t like to grapple.  I like to stand up.  If somebody has to get KO’s, somebody has to go out.”

“I think I was like training and develop my strength and my power, you know, it’s like Ronday Rousey. She lifts bodies all her life, you get to the point when you’re stronger than everyone else.  She’s done it for so many years that it gets to the point she’s like four times stronger than all the guys she’s gonna face.  And that is because she’s been training longer and harder than every single other.  Put it this way, she’s been training since she was five, or whatever, lifting bodies and training hard three or four times a day. There’s no way any other women can claim that. So I tried to kind of like a lot more in striking all the time, punching the bag and doing those things – more striking than anything else to develop that strength, that power.”

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