Looking at results, TRT not showing as an advantage

Monday, July 01, 2013

 Testosterone Replacement Therapy, or TRT, has been a hot button topic as of late in mixed martial arts. The question has been whether athletes should be allowed to us it, and if so, how regulated it should be the individual athletic commissions or even the UFC itself.

BloodyElbow’s Chris Hall recently took a survey of the athletes known to have used TRT and the records of those fighters over that time. The results are interesting to say the least:

Chael Sonnen (5-4)

The three-time title challenger is probably the most prolific TRT user in the UFC. Sonnen single-handedly brought TRT to the forefront of MMA discussion when he failed his UFC 117 post-fight drug test with a T:E ratio of 16:1 (well over the CSAC’s legal limit). While that was when the news of his treatment first became public, during his suspension appeal process it was revealed that he’d been taking supplementary testosterone since 2008. So, throughout his UFC run, starting with the loss Demian Maia, he’s been undergoing TRT.

Vitor Belfort (2-0)

The former Light Heavyweight champion has had a banner year in 2013. In just 6 months he’s knocked out two Middleweight contenders with devastating, highlight reel headkicks. Unfortunately for Belfort, both wins have been marred by the cloud of his TRT use. His exemption was first confirmed* before his UFC On FX 7 fight against Bisping in Brazil. He was once again approved by the Brazilian commission at UFC On FX 8. His TRT use is particularly controversial as he failed 

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The article looks at the recent UFC careers of nine athletes, all known to have been prescribed TRT during their careers. Overall these fighters have gone a combined fifteen wins and sixteen loses. This doesn’t necessarily mean that these athletes were not at an advantage with TRT, but it does dispell that notion that TRT is a driving force behind a winning athlete.