Luke Cummo wants to reform MMA – no head contact

Monday, May 20, 2013

Luke Cummo recently posted a vlog in his YouTube channel that is a little unusual, even for the often unusual Cummo.

In short, he wants to remake MMA into an event called the League of Assassins, taking out head striking, among other changes.

“It’s called MMA but it’s very dangerous,” said Cummo. “Trust me. I’ve been there. It’s damaging – to children… As a parent, I would never recommend fighting for somebody’s baby. It’s a mindless, stupid industry profiting from the spilled blood of the innocent, honest to god.”

“You have to put on gloves… but then you’re gonna kick and you’re gonna knee and you’re gonna elbow the other guy – somebody’s baby. There’s no padding on those things… and that’s another living being over there, a precious life. I feel for you as a soldier. I used to be one. You’re not a stupid beast. Nobody is. You’re not a programmable killing machine. You are, still, now and for all time, your parent’s baby to be cherished and nourished, not to kill or be killed. That’s old school, we’re cutting edge over here.”

“It’s called Against the Cage and we are reforming the current system of martial arts practice to be more safe and enjoyable for all ages and experience levels because your practice over here… it could be fun, it could be really fun, seriously. But up to this moment you could’ve been locked in a cage, unfortunately, and taught that it’s OK to hurt someone else – or worse. But it’s not. You’re a living being and your life is worth far more, far, far more than what has been acceptable in the past in this promoted live-hard, die fast lifestyle. No. We’re going to live long and prosper, baby!”

“Getting punched in the head is not healthy, trust me. I did it for years and I’m messed up because of it. That’s why I’m telling you, it’s for everybody’s best interest. Don’t let those babies do MMA. If they are, if you’re dead set on practicing martial arts which I think could be a beautiful thing, what I do is called the League of Assassins…We don’t do knockouts, that’s silly. Why would you want to do that? Then it’s game over. Don’t break any bones, that’s not good either.

“When we do our training in the league, we say it’s only one league, all one. And we’re doing it together; we don’t want to hurt anyone. We want to build up value. And every time you do a technique, you get more value and we can rank up. In this league, there’s some mythical beasts instead of belts. It’s a whole system.”

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