Lyoto Machida: I won that fight, ‘very surprised’ by split decision

Monday, February 25, 2013

Lyoto Machida took an uninspired split decision over Dan Henderson Saturday night, setting up a title shot at the winner of Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen. However, Henderson feels he won the fight (but not officially) vs. Lyoto. Unsurprisingly, Machida disagrees.

“I felt that I won the fight,” Machida told Fox Sport. “Because in my score, I kneed him many times. I kicked him. I took him down. In the third round, he didn’t take me down. I slipped, and he took advantage of this. I felt I won the three rounds, and I was very surprised by the split decision.”

“It was my game plan to keep the fight standing up and to avoid the ground position and his right hands. Look at my face. Nothing. [He kicked me] just a little bit in the legs, but I can put ice on that and it will go away soon. I can make my distance, and I kick hard. I didn’t let him grab me, and I [avoided] a lot of wrestling.”

“When I slipped, he took advantage and kept the fight on the ground just to [score] points. I thought, ‘I have to keep the fight standing up and be more aggressive and try to knock him out.’”

What do you think UG? Was the split decision a surprise?

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