MAXFIGHT responds to Wes Sims, again

Friday, July 20, 2012

Wes Sims recently competed in MaxFight Warriors 28, in Bulgaria. He came on The Underground and related that he felt the fight was fixed against him. In a following piece on MMARecap, he counted that when he went to collect his purse, a gun was aimed at his head, apparently in jest.

Then MAXFIGHT Executive Director Yordan Petkov responded.

Then Sims came on the Underground and responded to the MAXFIGHT rebuttal.

In now the four round of the fight after the fight, MAXFIGHT responds further.

It is very sad and dishonorable that Mr. Sims would resort to such outlandish stories and outright lies as he recounts what occurred in Bulgaria.  Not only did he dishonor himself with his actions during his stay, he dishonored his family and now is attempting to dishonor Maxfights.  It has been a while since Mr Sims appeared in The Ultimate Fighter and he obviously misses the spotlight because he is trying to use his fight in Maxfight to recapture five more minutes of fame.   In his very own words, “why let the truth get in the way of a good story.”  Here is just a brief recount of what actually occurred:

•Mr. Sims brought with him a cornermen, Mr. Davis, for the week prior to the fight who was not able to stay for the fight.  This was Mr. Sims choice.  Instead of preparing for the fight the two of them acted like children away from home for the first time.  Maxfight actually attempted to provide Mr. Sims with a babysitter because he chose to spend his days chasing gypsy prostitutes instead of training.  The “tour guide” that he references and video taped spitting on was not provided by Maxfight but rather was a gypsy prostitute that he paid a taxi driver to pick up.  We would never purposefully subjected a women to these mean given their disrespectful and vial behavior.  Mr. Sims and Mr. Davis seem to find the act of spitting on this girl humorous and share this tape.  This girl is someones daughter and is a person just like Mr. Sims.  Later Mr. Sims and his cornermen Mr. Davis were actually arrested by Bulgarian police for having sex with gypsy prostitutes in public.  They weren’t “shaken down” they were arrested for illegal acts.  They had to pay to be released and were unable to pay the taxi driver for the 12 hour day causing further embarrassment.

•Mr Sims was brought as a guest to the most viewed late night television show in Bulgaria.  In our country it is a great honor to be invited to appear.  During the broadcast that was designed to create public interest in the fight and promote MMA in our country Mr. Sims removed his shirt and was wearing a ladies bra.  While he may have found this humorous it was culturally insensitive and an embarrassment to our sport as we strive achieve mainstream acceptance. 

•Mr Sims claimed to be injured and asked for a professional massage.  During this therapeutic encounter he thought it would be funny to engage in illicit sexual acts releasing himself.  This caused further embarrassment to himself and Maxfights.  I find it hard to believe that Mr, Sims can act like this in his country and it be acceptable but for some reason he thought this would be acceptable and humorous while a guest in Bulgaria.  It only brought him shame. 

•Even though they represented themselves as experienced professionals while in Bulgaria their actions indicated otherwise.  During their stay Mr. Sims and Mr. Davis were housed in four star hotels, and fed all their meals in the hotel restaurant or in very nice establishments near the hotel.  Bulgaria is a beautiful country rich in tradition and we tried to share lawful experiences with these gentlemen so that they would feel welcomed and appreciated.  Despite their surroundings Mr. Sims and Mr. Davis continuously attempted to amuse themselves by running in the halls naked,  stripping cab drivers as they describe or other childish and embarrassing and dishonorable debauchery. 

•The referee for the main event was Mr. Petrov who is not the promoter, money backer, nor matchmaker as Mr Sims indicated with his false and slanderous accusations..  He does assist in securing foreign fight talent as he is internationally connected and speaks many languages including English.  He is not conflicted and is actually used by major organizations in other countries as a paid official because of his level of expertise.  Perhaps there was a human error when he did not see a brief robe grab, but that did not alter the outcome of the fight.  Mr. Sims was clearly winning and almost had Mr. Simeonov defeated.  At the beginning of the second round Mr. Sims appeared to slip but instead of getting back up he invites Mr. Simeonov into his guard repeatedly.  As they engage on the floor Mr. Sims moves for a leg lock and is countered.  The video clearly shows that contrary to what Mr. Sims previously stated he quickly tapped due to this hold.  There was no fix or attempt to fix as Mr. Sims would have his audience believe because of his obvious embarrassment in losing in this fashion.  His mistake caused a quick turn of events that seemed so improbable that the outcome was cast into doubt.  This doubt could be addressed by our ringside physician who can attest to the damage to Mr. Sims ankle from the lock as he was treated repeatedly in his hotel room and was barely able to walk.  This damage was done from the ankle lock and not a slip.    

•At the conclusion of the fight Mr. Sims sought out Mr. Petrov and personally thanked him for a job well done.  He pointed out that many referees would have stopped the fight during the armbar because Mr. Sims verbally yelled but Mr. Sims indicated while in danger he was trying to “power out.”  He was very upset with himself after the fight because it was obvious that he lost a fight that he was in a clear position to win.  This act of gratitude was unsolicited and genuine at the time, and before he had a chance to return home where with the help of Mr. Davis he could turn this into his personal circus in a quest for attention.  

The unfortunate result of Mr. Sims actions is that because he has fought in major North American promotions he has an audience for his stories.  We at Maxfights have produced 28 events over four years and have invested considerable sums to help build MMA in the Balkan region.  Our most recent show drew in excess of 6,000 fans and was broadcast on national television.  We spend money to bring in international fighters to bring global attention to our event and advance the sport of MMA in Bulgaria.  We strive to produce professional events and contribute to advance the basic tenants of what martial arts represent.  If Mr. Sims is to be believed and his outlandish cry for attention is to be entertained much of what we have done is tarnished.  While Mr. Sims may think he is humorous, he is insensitive to the victims of his actions.  Mr. Sims would have people believe that Bulgaria and MMA in Bulgaria is corrupt when in fact if you ask our other honored guests such as Mr. Jimmy Ambriz, Mr. Shonie Carter,mr.Ken Pavia,mr.Dolph Lundgren, and many other, they are treated with the utmost respect and we strive to show them hospitality in our country.  Please see Mr. Sims actions for what they are and do not let his immature stories and rants damage the advancement of mixed martial arts in a region that respects the sport.  We will now cease commenting on this topic as we do not wish to allow Mr. Sims desperate cry for attention to last any longer then these short moments.  

Video of the incident with the girl referred to above: