MAXFIGHT responds to Wes Sims charges

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wes Sims recently competed in MaxFight Warriors 28, in Bulgaria. He came on The Underground and related that he felt the fight was fixed against him. In a following piece on MMARecap, he counted that when he went to collect his purse, a gun was aimed at his head, apparently in jest.

Now MAXFIGHT Executive Director Yordan Petkov responds, via email.

The MAXFIGHT Company is the biggest promoter on the Balkan Peninsula. There are 27 tournaments organized so far by the MAXFIGHT promotion. Fighters from all over the world have participated in our tournaments. The refereeing has always been and always will be objective and independent.

With reference to the lies written by Wes Sims and Mike, I would like to present the opinion of the head referee Plamen Petrov, as well as the original video, which clearly shows how Sims taps his hand and gives up. Plamen Petrov is the best Bulgarian referee. He was invited as a referee in the Indian promotion SFL.

It was unworthy of Wes Sims to write all those lies. His tasks were to go against Lyubo Simeonov and fight. But this so called fighter Sims couldn’t do anything and now he is looking for a reason to exonerate himself.

Simeonov was prevented from practicing 10 days before the tournament, and the physical and mental condition he was in the day of the fight caused him to use 30% of his abilities. No one is to blame that Sims could not beat his opponent who was barely standing on his feet, but found the way to achieve victory. With reference to Sims’s writings that there were arrangements made during the fight for euro 20000 – how could the fight be arranged and Wes Sims wouldn’t know anything about it?

This guy should focus on practicing and not on talking and excuses.
Yordan Petkov, Executive Director of MAXFIGHT

Here is the opinion of the head referee Plamen Petrov:

With reference to the lies written by wes (I am not using a capital letter on purpose), I would like to share my views as the head referee of this fight. Wes had intentionally provided a video, which shows how Lyubo breaks his leg while locking him with heel hook. We will show you a video which shows wes’s reaction, his tapping his hand on the ring, and his swollen ankle.

Mr. Ken Pavia, who was at the gala and whose objective opinion can be trusted, saw it himself. Sims himself had thanked me several times for the good refereeing and adequate reactions, when I did not stop the fight while Lyubo was applying armbar on him.

Yes, Lyubo was tired, and yes, Lyubo was not ready emotionally and mentally. BUT he managed to pull himself together and locked the experienced American, who had disgraced himself before the audience after making so many threats before the fight.

As a referee I have in no way robbed either athlete, deliberately or not, and this can be seen in the video. Yes, Lyubo caught the rope while sims was trying to catch it, but it was only for a second, and before I managed to react they were already on the floor. And as we saw later, it was not vital for the situation. It is clear that wes cannot be successful elsewhere besides in amateur fights, and that he is trying, through his protégé Mike, to arouse pity and to slander the biggest MMA organization on the Balkan Peninsula.

Video of the fight.