MIr: I put people in the hospital

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

This isn’t the first time Mir has been overlooked. For a man still grinding through his early thirties, Mir has navigated a career filled with an unnatural number of impressive ups and cruel downs. It’s afforded him a sense of calm in the face of pressure. In his head, Mir understands exactly what Cormier is angling towards.

“It’s name recognition. It’s like Stephan Bonnar stepping in against Anderson Silva,” he explained. “Who doesn’t take the fight? The lowest ranked guy will take the fight instantly. The only person who has anything to lose is Anderson, because if he loses to somebody, he loses stock.

“I think he has kind of a false sense of security [after] fighting against Josh [Barnett]. You know, he feels like, ‘Well, Josh caught me and couldn’t finish me.’ Barnett’s a great grappler, but he’s not known for smashing people’s limbs off. If I catch something, and it’s close, I put people in the hospital. How many bones has Barnett broken? How many people has he put in the hospital?”

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