MMA Myth – Practice Makes Perfect…

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Marcos Avellan, along with his brother David, founded South Florida’s Freestyle Fighting Academy (FFA) in 2001, and has trained fighters for the UFC, WEC, Bodogfight, EliteXC, Strikeforce, and dozens of other promotions. He is a writer for the website and is a leading expert in combat mental training.

An important idea to focus on when drilling is that each repetition is special. Each repetition is unique and needs to be hit with 100% ferocity. Too many times I see people get into a training rhythm, where they sluggishly push through a hundred reps, keeping a consistent pace that isn’t a fight pace. When drilling technique, take a moment to appreciate what is about to happen, visualize you are in a fight, and fire full speed ahead! If you are drop dead tired – even better! If you feel a knot in your stomach and are dizzy, get up and visualize you are in a fight right now and that there is thirty seconds left in the fifth round of the title fight… and FIRE!!! If your goal with the martial arts is self-defense, then visualize someone has home invaded into your house with a knife, you managed to disarm his knife, you are exhausted, and this man is still pushing forward, trying to kill you and get to your wife and children behind you, who are screaming in the background… you need to finish this double leg with 100% ferocity! That sort of imagination is necessary with EVERY REPETITION if you want to see real gains in your technique.

You must treat every repetition as if it were the most important repetition of your life – and you must have utmost disdain for the less than awesome repetition. When counting repetitions, for every bad repetition I do, that erases ten good ones from my count… this way I can erase the bad repetition from my muscle memory and make sure that this form of punishment keeps my body and mind focused on each repetition. All it takes if for you to get lazy with one repetition… before you know it, every repetition gets lazy. Remember the old expression, “Practice Makes Perfect”… well, it is NOT true… it’s PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! Think about that and what it means…

When doing drilling sessions involving several different drills, I recommend always starting with your weakest drill first. For instance, if you want to drill 100 double leg takedowns and 100 arm spin takedowns and the arm spin is your weaker takedown, I recommend drilling the arm spins first, then the double legs after. The more energy you have, the easier it is to focus on your technique. Furthermore, if you are like and like to drill both sides of a move, then I’ll start with my weak side first. Going back to the double leg example, I would first shoot a hundred doubles with my left lead (my weaker lead) and the second batch of a hundred with my right lead (my strong side).

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Marcos Avellan