MMA Roasted best of December

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Comedian Adam Hunter owns the funniest Twitter in MMA. Follow him, you will smile every day. This is a sample for December.

Humor is subjective, so if you don’t think any of these are funny, post something better below, every day 🙂

Today is Boxing Day—or as Brock Lesnar call it…”The Worst Day of the Year.”

congratulations to Bob Sapp on starting his own fight team. The Tapzilians.

@BobSappMMA tried to insult me on twitter but then tapped out before completing a sentence.

OK no more jokes about Bob Sapp because it is not nice to make fun of people who can not defend themselves.

Bob Sapp ‏@BobSappMMA
@MMARoasted Adam witch is shorter my time in the ring or your body . Love your shampoo HEAD and SHOULDERS !!

Felice Herrig is pretty hot, and if you think I’m lying just ask her.

Leonard Garcia’s punches are about as straight as Liz Carmouche.

Mike Pyle is known as the toughest guy in the Gym. Unfortunately that Gym is Curves.

Steven Seagal just took credit for teaching that girl how to break a penis

Rampage Jackson has screwed more Asian women than Traffic Cops.

Roy Nelson is so fat that every time he masturbates it’s considered a threesome.

Tito once took off his hat, flipped it, and filled it up with water so that Team Alpha Male could have a Pool Party.

Tim Boetsch was a 4 time HS State Champion in Maine. Amazing. I had no idea that they had High Schools in Maine.

The worst part about banging a female fighter is having to hide the ringworm from your Girlfriend.

Liz Carmouche said she can’t wait to tap Rousey. She’s also looking forward to fighting her.

Couture vs Seagal…”The Natural vs “The Fat Troll”

Seagal said he will only fight Randy if Mazagatti refs so there will literally be no witnesses.

Kyle Kingsbury is up for a MMA Award this year. “Best Fighter in Natasha Wicks.”

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