MMA documentary ‘The Man In The Arena’ full version

Friday, September 09, 2011

Part 1 of 7: Five weeks until Spencer’s fight

In 2007, UFC fighter Spencer “The King” Fisher is riding high from his win over Sam Stout, but the high intensity of that fight burned him out emotionally. This film is about his struggle to regain his motivation and fight Frank Edgar at UFC 78. Plus, get up close with his family, experience behind-the-scenes at the UFC, the loyalty and camaraderie of his teammates from the Miletich camp, some intense local fights and some footage from the legendary “Spencer Fisher vs. Josh Neer” battle as well as Spencer’s first MMA match ever…in a basement!

Directed by Ross Guidici & Gary Steuber. Featuring Josh Neer, Jason Reinhardt, Kyle Gray and Emily Fisher. With Frank Edgar, Joe Lauzon, Karo Parisyan, Tim Sylvia, LC Davis.??


Link to all 7 parts: