MMA reacts to decision of removing wrestling from Olympics

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cung Le: If I did not start wrestling in Jr High & high school I would of got into trouble! Lets change this & make a Difference

Matt Hughes: How do you tear one sport down to try and build another up? #stupid @SSbtown1982

Pat Miletech: There has been a push to get MMA in the Olympics, but at the cost of the greatest sport of wrestling? No f’ing way!

Jon Jones: Supposedly wrestling has been dropped from the Olympics!?!?? Someone please tell me that’s not true

Urijah Faber: Wow the IOC dropped Wrestling from the Olympics?? Some BS!!!!

Benson Henderson: #SaveOlympicWrestling All other sports are gr8 and gives back to the athlete but no other sport on this planet gives u what WRESTLING does

Kenny Florian: Wrestling = discipline, fun, focus, learning, overcoming obstacles. Kids need this more than ever & they need goals! #SaveOlympicWrestling

Daniel Cormier: Unbelievable! What do u tell the kids on my youth team who want nothing more than to be like Jordan Burroughs! #saveolympicwrestling

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