MMA spawns another birth defect: UltimateBall

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Underground Blog recently did a piece on Stupid MMA offshoots, that closed with the predicition that “the only thing you can be sure of is that someone, somewhere, is going to try to improve on the world’s greatest sport, and the result will be … stupid.”

It happened again.

To the list of tag team MMA, three man MMA, MMA while wrist wrestling, and MMA with electric shock gloves, we now have UltimateBall.

UltimateBall is kind of a cross between water polo without water, and murder ball without wheelchairs, and a hot mess, and team handball with tackles, and Rugby, and grappling, with eight guys wearing MMA gloves for no discernible reason, plus a referee, in a cage.

Speaking to the skeptics, the promotion says “in 1993 they said that UFC will never take off, look at it now, UltimateBall is the sport of the future, this isnt just an MMA ad on this is a NEW sport in its own right.”

The British are an inventive people, having invented or discovered English, oxygen, postage stamps, The Rolling Stones, text messaging, boxing, the World Wide Web, Spotted Dick (it is a dessert), flush toilets (I met his great grandson once, last name is Crapper), Viagra, and Uranus. Thus it is not a great surprise that an Englishman invented UltimateBall.