MMA world responds to presidential election

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The entire world watched as USA President Barack Obama was elected to a second term last night, including an unamused Jacob Volkmann.

A sampling from the MMA twitterverse:

The Happy

MMA Roasted ‏@MMARoasted
Mitt Romney even lost his home state of the Cayman Islands.

Phil Davis @PhilMrWonderful
Two terms! (2chains voice)

glover teixeira @gloverteixeira
I am happy Obama is president for the next 4 years

Jason Mayhem Miller ‏@mayhemmiller
I hope Obamacare gets me knee surgery

Mike Kogan ‏@MikeKogan
You Obama haters can quack all you want but contrary to popular opinion he is still the HNIC

Colorado & Wash!!! What ya think? #cannabis
Eddie Bravo ‏@eddiebravo
the world is slowly waking up,it’s about godamn time 🙂 RT

The Sad

Jacob Volkmann @JacobVolkmann
Obama won, what the hell America!

Dan Henderson ‏@danhendo
I really hope Romney pulls it out and wins today.

Todd A ‏@mrkeeaumoku
The silver lining is that we are steps closer to seeing America hit rock bottom. That’s when the people will finally have had enough.

Dustin Pague @DustinPague
Even though I didn’t want Obama to win, I trust that The Lord has allowed him that position for a reason. I’ll be praying for him.

Brandon Vera @Verafied
Damn….. Another 4 yrs of this ish…… Damn…. Sad day America. I even voted for his ass the first time….
PS….. I’m still all in for Ron Paul when the country finally wakes up. 2+2 should always = 4. One day…..

The Truth

Bobby Razak ‏@bobbyrazak
God bless America the greatest nation in earth

Nathan Quarry ‏@NateRockQuarry
Ok buddy, NO MORE blaming Bush! Make it happen! We’ve got the hope, now deliver with the CHANGE!

The Amused

MMA Roasted ‏@MMARoasted
I really hope Obama ends this speech by saying “Let me Bang Bro!” #ufc

 michael ‏@bisping
This picture made me laugh my ass off! Congrats Obama!

phil baroni ‏@philbaroni
It doesn’t matter what the final results were, I made my vote and I’m sticking to it.
__ Obama __ Romney X Yoga Pants

Tam Khan ‏@Tam_Khan

MMA Roasted ‏@MMARoasted
Cecil Peoples just gave the Election to Mitt Romney. #ufc

hahah Obama just called Vice President joe Biden the happy warrior… Sound familiar? Lol
Roxanne Modafferi ‏@Roxyfighter
I am thrilled ppl thought of me XD RT

phil baroni ‏@philbaroni
Mitt Romney was like….

The Sick of It All

Yves Edwards ‏@thugjitsumaster
Shoutout to everyone who thinks both major party candidates are worthless & are exercising their right NOT to vote. Soldiers fought for that

It’s over! No more politics for this guy now that this election is done.
Daniel Cormier ‏@dc_mma

Yves Edwards ‏@thugjitsumaster
It’s funny when people call @BarackObama the antichrist? Well, doesn’t that have to happen for your stupid fantasy to come true?#DumbFucks

Ken Pishna ‏@KenPishna
$2 Billion spent by Obama and Romney on election. How much good could have been done w/ that money in other areas? Cancer research perhaps?

Brian Stann @BrianStann
regardless of who is President our polarized society is a serious issue & worries me most of all, I hope we people can learn to compromise, we out# politicians

And finally, the time to move along

Ariel Helwani ‏@arielhelwani
Is it safe out there yet? All those political tweets outta your system? Yeah? Good! Big news today: #themmahour is back in your life.