MVA definitely out, Mario Sperry maybe in as Blackzilian head coach

Monday, July 30, 2012

Thiago silva in at blackzillians. Mike van arsdale out.

Derek Sparks ‏@DE_rek_XC
Wow…Who’s the new head guy there now

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian
Mario sperry

Lynx ‏@oneandonlylynx
Uhhh any truth to this!?

 Mike Van Arsdale ‏@coachvanarsdale
I returned 2 AZ 2 raise my children.I’ll be working with the B.Z.’s on an as needed basis.The team will be fine-so will I.

Mike Straka ‏@MikeStraka
Mike told me he was going to AZ to open his own school. Taking over for his old wrestling coach who just retired.

Justin Thiel ‏@JustinThiel
so rashad replaced his wrestling coach with somebody he wrestlef—ked to a decision?

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian
No… Silva isn’t a wrestling coach. Unrelated developments.

MrTerryWillox ‏@tezzawillox
mike van arsdale out? He was a coach and good friend of evans? What happened there?

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian
Not sure yet… perhaps something to do with Mario Sperry being the guy in charge now

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Thiago Silva has in fact left ATT, and moved to the Blackzilians, as reported by Tatame’s Luca Gomes.

Thiago Silva is breathing new air. After years sharpening his game at American Top Team, TATAME learned that the UFC light heavyweight is now training at Blackzilians, a team with many other Brazilian names and other top fighters, like Alistair Overeem and Rashad Evans.

Thiago still has no fight scheduled, although there are rumors about him fighting Stanilav Nedkov, the Bulgarian who knocked Luiz Cane at UFC Rio 1, on August 2011. The match might happen at UFC 153, scheduled for October 13th, at HSBC Arena, in Rio de Janeiro.

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Mike Chiapetta confirms that Mario Sperry is in as the Blackzilian head coach.

Mike Van Arsdale, who has been the man running the show since the group’s inception, has decided to relocate to Arizona to be closer to his family and start his own gym. In as his replacement is grappling legend Mario Sperry, who has been coaching at the gym since earlier this year.

“Mike is a good friend and always will be,” Authentic Sports Management CEO Glenn Robinson told MMA Fighting. “His kids missed him as they lived in Arizona and he lived here and went back and forth. He went home to be more with his wife and five kids. He will come back here whenever we need him for a camp and is always part of our family and will be back a lot.”

“Mario Sperry is the team leader but also Jorge Santiago has stepped up to assist him in a big way. Jorge is a tremendous leader as well… This change actually was in process for a while now so it was not sudden by any means. It was planned out well in advance of being able to affect the athletes.”

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However, Mario Sperry himself said not so fast in an interview with Tatame’s Erik Engelhart.

Erik Engelhart: Mike Van Arsdale posted on Twitter you would replace him as the head-coach at Blackzilians. Is it true?

Mario Sperry: Man, I was caught by surprise with this news. I haven’t agreed with anything (laughs). I’m just here visiting. I was invited, yes. Mike had a problem, left last month and I spent July here. Wednesday I’ll be going to Brazil and I have stuff to do. I’ll come back on September, but I have no deal with them whatsoever.

EH: Did they officially invite you?

MS: They invited me, but I’m studying the propositions, negotiating. I have my things in Brazil too. It’s actually a little complicated because there are things in Brazil that rely on me being there. So I was caught by surprise. People called me asking about it but no. It’s a misunderstanding. I have interest, I’m studying this possibility, but it’s not a sure thing yet.

EH: So, are you interested by their proposition?

MS: I’m studying it. I get along just fine with people here, I’ve come here often, on regular basis. I came here to help Rashad on his camp. I had an opening in my scheduled and I came to help Rashad out against Jon Jones. I came here once more and stayed for three weeks. I went back to Brazil and returned this month. I’m going to Brazil and I’ll be back in September. I have helped them a lot on consulting and working along with them. That’s the idea, but I haven’t agreed to it just yet.

EH: Did they give you a deadline? When will you have an official answer?

MS: Yes. I’m supposed to give them an answer until the end of the year and the details about my future will be then disclosed. But it’s a pleasure being here, spending a day, a week, a month. It’s a great pleasure.

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