MacDonald: No one’s going to stop me

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Although he didn't finish Tyron Woodley at UFC 174, Rory MacDonald looked as impressive as ever shutting down and dominating a very tough opponent. MacDonald is on a short list of potential title contenders, but will likely have to fight again to earn a title shot, something the young Canadian is happy to do:

MacDonald on if he wants the title shot: “I appreciate there are other guys who have come up and performed well, but I want everyone to know that I’m right there, ready for that shot. I want them to know I’m going to be the champion, if they make me wait for it or not. No one’s going to stop me.”

Rory MacDonald on his performance: “I had a lot of fun. I’m happy. I was impressed with my training. It showed. I felt great. He’s a really good opponent. I had fun training for his style. It was an awesome challenge and a cool obstacle.