MacDonald: Penn fighting for the wrong reasons

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Rory MacDonald stared straight ahead, his delivery startlingly cold.

“I think (B.J. Penn) is fighting for the wrong reasons, and it’s going to get him hurt,” he said bluntly. The follow-up question was too obvious, he knew he left it out there. Why exactly is Penn fighting for the wrong reasons? The answer was simple.

“Because I’m fighting to hurt him. I’m not fighting for someone’s opinion.”

MacDonald went on to explain his point. “He’s fighting for status, something that isn’t real. People’s opinions, he wants to change people’s opinions. Maybe he doesn’t realize that those things are not real.

“Opinions are valid. But the status of someone, someone places a status over your head, like B.J. being a legend. Now that they’re not saying it, he’s upset about it. Maybe he should’ve learned that it’s fickle.”

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