MacDonald needs surgery for leg injury

Sunday, May 09, 2010

During the first UFC 113 prelim bout Jason MacDonald landed a right shin to the head of Salter, but his opponent John Salter grabbed his leg and took him to the mat. During the takedown, MacDonald was based on this left leg, and it snapped. When McDonald yelled in pain referee Dan Miragliotta ended the bout in Salter’s favor, at 2:42 of the first round.

UFC President, Dana White touched on the incident during the post-fight press conference, saying:

“I swear to God, I was back in my room when that happened, and as soon as he went down – I saw that happen before [the referee] stopped the fight – and it reminded me of ‘Bang’ Ludwig. I said, ‘Oh, God.’ He went down – not as bad as ‘Bang’ folded, but same thing. I knew that wasn’t going to be good.”

Now McDonald reports via twitter:


  1. Broken tibia and fibia and dislocated ankle! Surgery tomorrow night….. 

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