Sunday, October 09, 2011

Guilherme Cruz: I’ve heard you and Sonnen were on the same locker room (at UFC 136). How was it like?

Demian Maia: Yeah, we did… I met him many times before and it wasn’t any different, he was respectful. I have no troubles with him. I know it’s all a marketing plan, he’s trying to sell his fights. Each one of us was warming-up, with our minds on our bouts.

GC: And he applied a submission. What are your thoughts about his Jiu-Jitsu skills?

DM: He’s training Jiu-Jitsu, it’s obvious. He went for his back, tried to fit a punch not only to hit him, but to grab him, and got him.

GC: There was a joke about you training together and he said he would like that…

DM: It was a joke, it ain’t serious (laughs). We fight on the same division, we could fight each other, so there’s no reason why. He’s a really tough guy, a guy to be defeated on this weight division. He likes talking a lot, but he’s tough. Anyone in this division would have a tough fight against him.

GC: The next on the line can be Anderson… How do you see this rematch?

DM: I guess Anderson would be harder to submit on the ground than Stann, because Anderson trains with experts, but Chael doesn’t depend on the submission, he can work on the ground and pound. He’ll be training his takedown defenses so he doesn’t get in trouble like it happened to him before.

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