Main recalls Paige jaw breaking in the TUF back yard

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Andy Main was on MMA Recap’s Recap Radio and talked about how Spencer Paige got his jaw split in half with two days left of filming. Keep in mind Paige already had a broken hand and shin.

MMARecap: What was a crazy thing that happened in the house that we didn’t see?

Andy Main: “There were a couple of things that you didn’t get to see.  Well you did see it on a preview of the next week’s show, but it didn’t get shown.  Spencer Paige got really drunk one night, actually two night’s before we got done filming.  And he had been calling people out.  He called me out and was saying things like “I hope I get to fight on the finale and if I do I want to fight Andy Main cause he can’t beat me.”  Then he would look at me and ask “Andy how do you think you can beat me?”

“I would reply and say I could sub him or knock him out.  He said I didn’t have boxing.  I then looked at him and said “Spencer I would knock you out.”  He said ok go ahead then, knock me out.  At first I was like alright, but then I said I wasn’t going to do it.

“So Jeff was there and Spencer was sort of saying the same kind of thing to Jeff.  So I said I bet Jeff could knock you out (to Spencer).  Spencer was like Jeff couldn’t knock me out either.  Jeff was the easiest person to convince to do anything. 

“So Jeff goes and puts on a UFC glove and they go into the backyard.  We were joking around that there were grass stains in his glove because he bent so low.  He swings this hook.  Spencer buries his jaw against his shoulder and his jaw split in half when Jeff hit him.  He turns to me, I was behind him ready to catch him in case he got knocked out, and his jaw is all messed up.  One side of his mouth his teeth are stuck up in the top of his mouth and the other side is hanging off.  It was disgusting and there was blood everywhere.  He turns and says “I think my jaw is broken”.  I had to carry him to the front door, and call the producers and explain.  He went to the hospital to get his jaw wired shut.  This is after he had broken his hand and his shin after his fight.  This kid went home a mess.” 

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