Maldonado had agreement, will NOT be cut

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The UFC isn’t f@$%!#& baseball, but it is usually three strikes and you are out.

Fabio Maldonado went into Saturday night’s fght vs. the terrifying Glover Teixeira on a two-fight losing streak, to Igor Pokrajac and Kyle Kingsbury. However, both losses were split decisions, that many felt should have gone the other way. One of them won Fight of the Night, and the other was a FOTY contender.

Despite his precarious perch, Maldonado offered to step up vs. Teixeira on short notice when others including Rashad Evans declined.

Tatame reporter Guilherme Cruz reported before the fight, via Twitter, that there was a prior agreement that he would not be cut.

Guilherme Cruz @guicruzzz
Maldonado accepted the fight w/ the condition that he doesn’t gets cut even w/ a 5-sec loss

However DaMarques Johnson thought he would get one more fight when he stepped up on seven days notice vs. Gunnar Nelson at UFC on FUEL TV 5 late last month.

“Well, nothing’s 100%, but yah, they said they’ll definitely give me a shot with a full training camp,” said Johnson in a pre-fight interview. “So I’m basically assured one more after this. But, you know, nothing’s for sure.”

Nothing was for sure, for sure, as last week Johnson was cut. The cut however was due to missing weight, and not for the first time, rather than a simple loss.

Last night Maldonado landed 14 strikes on Teixeira in two rounds according to FightMetric, but he took 117, many of which landed with an audible thud tnot unfamilar in a baseball game. When the doctor stopped it after the second round despite Maldonado’s wishes to continue, fans were unanimous that Maldonado must not be cut. Teixeira called his opponent’s resilience “not human.”

The only time Teixeira stopped landing brutal blows was when he took a break to itch his nose.

But this time, Maldonado is safe.

“If we cut that guy, we deserve to be beat with a stick,” UFC President Dana White said at Saturday night’s post-UFC 153 press conference. “He won’t be cut.”

Who do you want to see Maldonado fight next?