Manny Reyes Jr. calls for rematch with Franca

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hermes Franca vs Manny Reyes Jr by bobossikusa

On October 30th, 2004, Hermes Franca fought and knocked out Manny Reyes Jr. at AFC 10 in Florida. The bout came after a long back and forth war of words waged on the Underground forum. At the time, Reyes demanded and was paid $5000.00 to fight Franca. Franca accepted the bout and a purse of only $1.00. Franca won the fight by knockout, quickly in the first round.

Manny Reyes Jr.

Today, Manny Reyes Jr. contacted The Underground again to issue a statement:

For the Record, this is Manny Reyes Jr. Did everyone see what a Black Eye HERMES FRANCA just gave the Sport of MMA? Its all over the Internet. Hermes Franca has been Arrested and Faces 7 Counts of SEXUAL ABUSE. What a Disgrace to Himself, his Family, his Fans and to the Sport. Now, I will say this. Alot of People make Fun of me on Google and on Youtube etc. for my Loss to Hermes Franca in 2004. Yes I Played the Role of the Antagonist, Yes I was the Ultimate Villa and Yes I take FULL Responsibility for the things I said but at the end of the Day I Stepped in that Ring on Oct. 30, 2004 in the AFC Main Event and I Fought Hermes. I Fought at the Time one of the Top 3 Rated Lightweights in the World in the Sport of MMA. He Beat me, no Excuses. My Camp and I Felt that Hermes was on Steroids but at the time we were unable to Prove it. Years later Hermes Franca was tested for Steroids and was Caught. He was found Guilty. Now, as I was saying, on Google you will find alot of TRASH written about me concerning the Franca Fight and the way I lost etc….. I can tell you today that Compared to what Hermes Franca now has on Google being a SEXUAL PREADATOR AND ARRESTED FOR A CRIME THAT BRINGS HIM 7 COUNTS OF SEXUAL ABUSE is Embarassing. The Garbage Written about my Fight with Hermes is nothing Compared to having your Mug Shot Posted on the internet and being listed as having Comitted 7 Counts of Sexual Abuse. God Bless Hermes, he has Disgraced himself Forever and the Sport of MMA. By the way my True MMA Record is 10-4. I’m making a Comeback son. I am Training and getting in MMA Fight Shape. If Hermes Franca gets out of all this without getting Jail Time I would like a REMATCH. Go ahead, Post it on your News Wire. Manny Reyes Jr. vs. Sexual Abuse Convict Hermes Franca in a Rematch. And Please, Fix my Record already….. Have a Great day…..

Manny Reyes Jr.