Marc Stevens TUF 12, Episode 1 blog

Thursday, September 16, 2010

first of all id like to take a minute to apologize for the tardiness of this blog. my fans are the reason i fight so hopefully no one is mad at me for being a day late 🙂 id like to thank everyone for taking the time out to read my blog. looking back on the first episode of the season its hard to imagine id be sitting here writing this blog to your guys but 3 TUF try outs later and here i am. 17 pro fights and alot of hard work got me to this point. dana white said it best when we  got to the ufc training center he told us this would be the best and worst experience of our lives.. and he was right.. standing in the training center soaking it all in seeing dana.. gsp and kos walking thru the door it hit me that this was a dream come true. laying in bed the night before the fight letting what dana said play thru my head..”dont be that guy on the bleeping bus back to the airport tomorrow”.. i knew i wasnt going to be on that bus.
the next day.. it was a little ironic i fought at noon.. high noon.. and i was as relaxed as could be.. it was the biggest fight of my life but every fight is the biggest fight of a fighters life. bob cook was in my corner.. his advice to me.. this guys 14-3 with 13 submissions.. dont get submitted.. which played into my game plan of keeping the fight standing and knocking tj obrien out. the fight went according to plan. 13 second KO fastest knock out in the ultimate fighter history. it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders until i realized i was finally in the house and still had 3 more fights before i would make it to the finale.

“remember me now” seems to be the theme following the first episode.. when saying that i just wanted to remind Kos of all the hard work i had put in for him before and that i was legit! i had wrestled for kos at the university of buffalo for a semester before deciding to leave school. i wanted to make a statement and stick in everyones had that i was the real deal. after that it was great to sit back and watch a great afternoon of fights.

i would again like to thank first and foremost all my friends family and fans with out you guys this incredible journey that im on wouldnt mean nearly as much. secondly i need to thank my coaches and teammates.. ken kronenberg and jordan damon my jiu jitsu coaches darin carroll my boxing coach and head striking coach, sifu kevin seaman my thai boxing coach. all my teammates and students at both jiu jitsu nation and tai kai jiu jitsu without the guys i wouldnt be half the man and fighter that i am today.. stay tuned every week for my blogs and please follow me on twitter @marcstevensmma and continue to support me thank you so much guys