Marcelo Garcia wins 5th world BJJ title; credits Steven Seagal

Monday, June 06, 2011

Marcelo Garcia conquered World of Jiu-Jitsu’s title for the fifth time, yesterday, as he defeated Lucas Leite by points (2×0).

Ruling the mediumweight division, the black belt athlete, who currently trains in New York, affirmed that the feeling of winning the fifth title is the same as the one he felt when he first won the gold medal, and joked about it. “I want to thank my team, my friends and Steven Seagal, who has taught me some of the moves I did in there”, said the athlete after his triumph.

On a chat with TATAME, the tough guy explained the reason why he didn’t tried to fight the absolute, talked about his personal project and told us he wants he wants to fight ADCC, in September, in England. “ADCC is the most exciting competition because you have to wait two years for it. I’m super excited about this edition, because I’m waiting for four years and I want another win”, said.

Is there some difference between your first world title and the fifth?

It’s the same feeling you have. I like being here, training and being at the gym. I can’t do it and don’t fight, that would be pointless. The reflex of all the work we do is to come here and show what I’ve trained.

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