Marcus Davis: I think time has caught up with me

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Former UFC welterweight ‘The Irish Hand Grenade’ Marcus Davis returned to his spiritual home of Ireland to fight Mark Casserly for the ISKA Light Cruiserweight kickboxing world championship in Dublin Sunday night. Davis lost via first round KO from a right high kick.

The experiece has given him opportunity to reflect, via facebook. Among many others, Davis’s son and manager respond.

Irish Hand Grenade
Sorry all.. Im just not pulling the trigger like I did even 5 years ago. I have days in the gym where i cant be touched but days where I’m lethargic. Consistency is key to being a professional fighter. My reactions have slowed. I’m not going to make my decision now until I am with my family but this wouldn’t have happened 10-5 years ago. Time I think has caught up with me. I will be with my wife tomorrow and we will discuss my career. From the bottom of my heart I thank everyone who has ever supported me… God bless

Duncan Davis
we all love u dad just hurry home back to us!

Joe Cav
Marcus theres nothing to be sorry about! You have been my good friend, a role model to me and my favorite fighter ever, you have accomplished so much and I have been blessed to be able to watch and come along for the ride. Keep your head up. We all love you win or lose… it doesn’t matter! Talk to you when you get home

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Davis is 2-3 over his last five MMA fights, most recently having recently lost a split decision to TUF veteran Chuck O’Neil at W-1 MMA 7 in Florida.