Marina Shafir goes OFF on Miesha Tate

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Marina Shafir is a longtime training partner, roommate, and best friend of UFC Women’s bantamweight champion Rousey. Shafir, an international Judoka and undefeated Amateur MMA fighter, appeared recently on Radio, and vented at length about Miesha Tate, who coaches opposite Rousey in season 18 of The Ultimate Fighter.

“Everybody’s going through a fight, and it’s bigger than MMA.  Unfortunately that f—ing retard Miesha Tate just does not know is that this sport is bigger than what the sport is, and that’s why Ronda is doing what she’s doing.  It’s bigger than her.  It’s bigger than her fake titties, her f—ing push-up bras, it’s bigger than that.  That’s what her all-end goal is, and unfortunately, she’s not on that bandwagon; and you can’t ask somebody… like that to be on that kind of bandwagon, it just doesn’t make sense because she’s not a selfless person, she’s a very selfish person.”

Shafir’s negative opinions extend to Tate’s sense of style, too.

“Oh my gosh, it was so f—ing tacky!” said Shafir. “It was like, I’m like, ‘Where the f— did you get your jewelry from, the dollar store?  Even the dollar store has better jewelry than that!’  And I’ve shopped at the dollar store, I still shop at the dollar store.  You can’t find… it was just bad, it was bad…  She looks like she’s a freshman high-schooler trying to be cool in school and just being tacky and just too much.”

Shafir has also expressed her feelings towards Tate physically.

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“I’m a very respectful person, I have good sportsmanship, I hate to lose,” said Shafir. “But that picture that’s been floating around on Twitter of me and Ronda flipping off Miesha, you know like, yeah, I know that s—wasn’t tasteful, but it had gotten to the point where this b—- was so f—ing two-faced she couldn’t make up her mind on whether or not she wanted to be a good sportsman – like have the sportsmanship and just realize like – why would you keep trying to shake our hands when you know what you’re going to get?  You know we don’t like you.  You know, why do you want to keep crossing that line?  You know what I mean?  Especially when we made a promise to the big man that we weren’t going to do that s— anymore, and you’re still f—ing – it’s like putting salt on the wound, we couldn’t do s— about it.

“Yeah, that was a tasteless moment on our part, but you know what?  It was viewed a lot, very disrespectful, and ‘how could you do that?’ and I had a lot of Tweets from people saying they had daughters and lost a fan because daughter saw that and she looked up to you.  You know what though?  Your daughter is going to have to make a decision at some point in her life to defend her honor, and defend who she is, and to defend the honesty of what her life is about.  And you know what?  That’s what we did in that instance.  And it’s not going to come out how people want it, and that’s where the confusion is going to come in, and that’s where the judgment comes in.  So, that’s my answer to that.  I’m sorry.  We want to be really good role models to all these up-and-coming female MMA fighters who are strong-willed, you know?  We’re going to try and do the right thing, but a lot of the time the right thing is going to be the wrong thing, and there’s no other real way I can explain that.”

Shafir even talked about Tate’s mother.

“Miesha, you really think your mom is going to approve of you being a fake-ass bitch?” asked Shafir. “Like really?  You think your mom really wants that out of you?  Like I don’t think so, I wouldn’t think so.  My mom doesn’t want .  I apologized for flipping her off to my mom, but my mom was like, ‘You know what?’ She’s like, ‘We don’t flip people off in Russia, we just tell it to their face.’  That’s how it happened.”

Lastly, Shafir took issue with the editing of this season of TUF.

“It’s really funny – the audience is really believing the editing,” said Shafir. “There’s so much that was left out.  I can’t wait until I can actually say some of this s— that they f—ing left out – a lot of s—, a lot of s—.  It’s disrespectful.  They’re going to immediately believe the editing.  It’s funny, a couple people, or just some of the f—ing people on Miesha Tate’s team are also believing the editing.  They are f—ing, they’re like puppet-mastered up, they f—ing… and it’s crazy!  Did you forget that there were cameras running through the whole season, and they got you from the beginning to the end, and you’re just lucky that they didn’t expose you?  Like and now you’re believe what’s happening around – it’s just f—ing pathetic, it is so pathetic that these people sometimes just believe what’s happening on TV, and like how they’re being made out to look.  It’s funny, because there’s nothing really that I can do, but you know what?  It’s these people who act this way that are either going to keep the sport going or they’re going to tarnish it.  It’s all about how you look at it.”

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