Mark Bocek proposes old school solution to today’s judging problem

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Canadian UFC lightweight Mark Bocek has been fighting in the UFC for over six years, and offered an old school solution to the judging problem that is bedeviling the sport right now.

New idea on the current scoring system…

From: Mark Bocek
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This comes straight from Firas Zahabi, and after giving it some thought I love the idea. Since the current scoring system favours strikers, (I take you down and we get restarted, I take you down at the end of the round and the next round starts standing).

Here is the solution, for non title fights there would be 1 continuous 15 min round and for title fights, 1 continuos 25 min round. No restarts and there would be much more finishes and less room for judging error. Also it would bring back the reality aspect of MMA which was its original intention.

I would love for this to happen, as it would be much more fair between fighters. Pride had its first round scheduled for 10 min, remember how exciting those fights were??? Fighters would have to pace themselves accordingly or suffer the consequences of gassing (more finishes), but it wouldn’t be too long to be boring, just a continuos round.

What do you guys think? This sport should be closer to reality than it currently is and it would become more exciting.

What do you think UG? Was there ever a doubt as to who won when Sergio Batarelli’s International Vale Tudo Championship had 30 minute rounds? And is there a market for it?