Mark Coleman, Godfather of GnP, AMA

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Hammer House member Wes Sims convinced UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman to come on the UG, for an Ask Me Anything.

Big Wes
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Well, after many phone calls ending in verbal abuse, I have finally convinced Mark to come on here.

Godfather of GnP
If I don’t answer every question, the doosh will call me and he can post my response. No stupid s— sims

What was the toughest fight in the pride gp? What were some of the highlights of fighting in Japan? Any perks you don’t get in merica?

Godfather of GnP
Japan was good to me. Winning the GP was one of my best memories and achievements. Igor was the toughest I thought I was going to have to kill the guy to get him to tap.

Mark out of all the people you fought, which one do you think was your hardest test?

Godfather of GnP
Don Frye was the toughest. I head butted and punched that guy till I was tired and he mumbled is that all you got Coleman.

what is life like after fighting?

Godfather of GnP
My daughters are running me around like a cab driver and just trying to figure out what’s next?

What year (years) does you consider “Prime Coleman”?

Godfather of GnP
I started UFC when I was 31, my thirties I really felt good besides blowing knee out, they were prime for me.

Mark, i was born in Fremont, Ohio. My cousin and i beat up your two little cousins who lived on Garrison Street if i remember correctly. They told us that they were going to get you to beat up us and out whole family. You never did. Where you scared?

Big Wes
Mark said that at the next family reunion he will have the Cousins introduce you to them and will tell you to your face if he is scared

What do you do now in Columbus. I also live in Columbus now. 2 Fremont Ohio boys living in Columbus. I know you threatened to beat me up earlier but i feel good about my 205lbs of soft, untrained body being able to outrun you with your hip surgury at all should you actually follow through with that. If not, i’d love to actually meet you sometime.

Hey mark, what did u have for breakfast today?

Big Wes
Mark had Heineken

Godfather of GnP
F— you Wes! I had protein shake

Mark, i know you were supposed to fight randy couture in the old ufc days, if you did, how do you think you would have done.

Godfather of GnP
The night I was suppose to fight Randy, the opponent kep changing. They finally told me that I was fighting a Pete Williams. You never know how things could have been? Would have been different than 109 I’m pretty sure?

are you and Kevin Randleman still tight?

Godfather of GnP
I love Kevin and hopes he feels the same? He’s in vegas, I’m in Columbus. We still talk and I think all is good? I wish him the best always.

Mark, what do you think of the current UFC and how mainstream MMA has become, with the fox deal? Did you ever expect it to take off like this?

Godfather of GnP
Dana, Lorenzo and all the staff there have done a fantastic job and taken this sport to a whole new level. Very proud for them.

Would you consider stepping out of retirement to end Jon Jones’ reign?

Godfather of GnP
I’m 48, just had hip replacement surgery, and haven’t trained in over a year. There was a camera in the locker room at 100 as I schooled bones jones in wrestling. Don’t think it would be enough now?

Big Wes
What Mark meant to say was that he dominated Jon Jones in a way that only a max inmate “on the new” would understand. He also believes that everyone that fights JJ walks into the cage already afraid of him which is why they lose. Essentially the Antidote got so deep in that ass we at Hammer House consider him the current light heavy weight champion

Who was the toughest man you faced? Who do you think is the best fighter in the world currently?

Godfather of GnP
Toughest was Don Frye, best ever was Fedor, and my best was Stephan Bonner. To win at 100 and show everyone the hammer still got some was great.

Travis Wiuff
Mark is the reason I got into MMA. Favorite fighter of all time. I remember when Wes and Mark came up to minnesota (2002) to one of Brad Kohler show. I fought that night and while I was doing my best “Mark Coleman GnP” Impression, Coleman shouted out, “body, body, head”. I can still remember thinking, OMG Mark Coleman is telling me how to GnP. Thx!!

How do you make your money now? Are you super low on funds?

Big Wes
Mark has some fight worn gloves on eBay right now

Godfather of GnP
Guys I’m trying to answe questions, been a tough day. I love my daughters but girls tear your heart out. Thanks for all the kind words and stories. Ill try answering more tonight, but won’t tell all. Sims doesn’t have shit on my book. God Bless MC