Mark Hunt attributes unemployment Tweet to lack of carbs

Thursday, August 07, 2014

UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt, who fights Roy Nelson in the main event of UFC Fight Night 52 on Sept. 20, 2014, in Saitama, Japan, posted enigmatically recently on Twitter.

mark richard hunt @markhunt1974
•Well I'm unemployed that sucks
•Not my choice guys but going from being exited at the prospects of the future of fighting to being unemployed in a day lol this sucks

It almost immediately apparent that Hunt was not in fact released from his contract, but it was not clear why he posted that he was. Hunt told MMAFighting that he was not trolling, but provided no further details.

Fans attributed the odd messages to miscommunication or injury or an extra XXXX Bitter or, well, what?

Hunt followed the hard to follow message with others.

mark richard hunt @markhunt1974
•How bout u can unequivocally kiss my ass don't threaten me with your bull I will terminate the lot of u fukkerssss awottt awwww guuuumonnn
•U can unequivocally kiss my ass cuuuuh

Finally Hunt offered an explanation, of sorts.

mark richard hunt @markhunt1974
Looking forward to japan sept 20 troops sorry about unemployment tweet I was hungry no carbs

So Hunt vs. Nelson is still on. And why Hunt tweeted he was out of a job is still not entirely clear.