Mark Hunt’s strange, strange fan in Japan

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Japanese fans are deeply appreciated in mixed martial arts for their knowledge of the sport and respectful attitude. Where it is not unheard of for MMA fans to shout fag when a fighter uses Guard for more than a few seconds, the same fighter can draw a gasp from the Japanese crowd for an artful set up.

There is of course always and exception that proves the rule. Mark Hunt has a fan in Japan, Hassy ‘Xjp’ Nishikawa, with a fawning Facebook page so over the top it cannot be accurately described, and must simply be seen.

Thanks to MiddleEasy for the find.


At first, thanks for ur greatful fight wiz Bigfoot.
I was very excited. HUNT, u’re real Superman.

But, I knew from ur tweet…u’re broken hand.
I’m very worried. Can I watch ur bravely fight on “Giant Killing 3″…?
And, Can I meet u again…? I’m lookin’ forward to u come back to JPN.

Boku wa, HUNT ni sugoku aitai(I want to meet u very much)…

HASSY “XJP” Nishikawa


HUNT, I just finished drawin’ new pic(´θ`)?
‘Cyber HUNT’ access to unknown world…What can he find?

Hi, HUNT(´θ`)?
Congrats new baby! Which do u want boy or girl? LOL
And, today is my 32th birthday! YAY YEAH?(?∀?)?
Celebrate meeeeeeee(*´?`)

Hi, HUNT(´θ`)?
I drew new pic. That’s autumn season now, I drew two guys lying on the MOMIJI leaves(maple leaves) carpet!
In Japan, some leaves beginning to change the color, green → yellow and orenge.
MOMIJI leaves color are very clear red and orenge!


Hello(´θ`)? I drew new pic.

1. HUNT the X’mas ?HUNT-CLAUS?
HUNT-CLAUS comin’ to me…!?(?∀?)
Tokyo is coloring Christmas color!

2. Wears Request in JPN
I want u to wear these outfit when u come back to JPN next week!
Remind me of the time when u were in JPN for UFC JAPAN 2013…!(*´?`)
Oooh…I’m exicitin’ now?( `???)?

Hassy birthday card to himself

Yet another tribute to the “Handsome Faced Samoan Fat Guy”

Hassy meeting Hunt

??“XJP”?? @HASSY_Nishikawa
@markhunt1974 When you come back to Japan and I can meet you,…I would like to walk along the beach together….

mark richard hunt @markhunt1974
@Tak_Nishikawa thissss guyyy bro I am married

Read entire Facebook…

Even after all that, North American fans still have a lot to learn from Japanese fans. As creepy as Hassy is, he still a lot more entertaining than a pack of bald drunks shouting “faggot” at the cage…