Mark Kerr: I was disgusting and I’m embarrassed

Friday, August 28, 2009


He was once known as The Smashing Machine; a former PRIDE and UFC fighter who injected fear into everyone he fought with his devastating double-leg takedowns, a diesel-piston of a right hand and murderous ground ‘n’ pound. But recently even Mark Kerr admits he’s been a complete joke and an embarrassment, as he told MICHAEL SCHIAVELLO exclusively for HDNet Fights.

“This is my stepping stone to redemption,” says Mark Kerr, one day out from his fight against undefeated King Mo Lawal on M-1 Breakthrough in Kansas City. “I know I have had some terrible fights and with many people I will never redeem myself but I am going to try and it starts here.

Kerr weighed in for the Lawal fight at 263lb, though he says with more preparation time he could have gotten down to 250 and aims to get to 235 within a year. Though taking the Lawal fight on only two weeks notice following the withdrawal of Lawal’s original opponent – Don Frye – Kerr says he’s not in Kansas City just for a pay day. He’s here to fight and to prove that he is not the spent force fans think.

“I know everyone has written me off,” Kerr told HDNet exclusively. “I know people think I am a joke. I don’t blame them. It has been hard for me to sit and look at myself in the mirror. I mean I wouldn’t be a fan of me the way I have fought in recent times. I would never expect a fan to want my autograph any more.”

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